Edwin Lopez began his dream to dominate the automotive detailing industry after years of working in a junkyard for less than minimum wage. He remembers seeing a world-class detailer from England who only worked with the best vehicles available and saying, “I want to do that. I can do that. I will do that.” And he did.

Artistic was born from a dream. But the result of that dream has been wrought, not by hard word and dedication only, but rather by the concept that anyone can be a detailer but not anyone can be a businessman. Artistic Automotive Detailing is the product of years of mentorship, growth, and experience.

We’re privileged to service celebrities, politicians, dignitaries, and some of the most exotic and extraordinary vehicles known to man. Artistic sets itself apart by:

  • Offering a service unlike any other
  • Offering a highly trained team that is insured unlike any other
  • Using equipment and materials that elevate the quality of the service we render
  • Years of Experience with working on super cars and exotic vehicles

Don’t hesitate. Try us and see why we have become, to countless clients, a necessity to a lifestyle.



A: 9601 Wilshire BLVD Beverly Hills, CA. 90210, USA
P: (800) 846-6935

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