Why is Artistic Automotive Detailing one of the most prestigious and successful detailing services in the world? Because of the quality, expertise and benefits we provide to our clientele. Here are 5 things that set us apart.

1. We are insured

We’re not talking about regular car insurance. We have liability and garage keepers insurance. Why is this important? Because your vehicle is worth a considerable amount of money. Our insurance protects you from any damage it may incur while on your property or ours. Furthermore, what would happen if mobile detailers arrive to your home and injure themselves on your property? Our insurance protects you from that as well. We guarantee you that in Beverly Hills or elsewhere – no detailer is insured like we are. We spend thousands a month just to give our clients peace of mind.

2. We are experienced

Anybody with a bucket of water and some soap can call themselves a detailer. That being said, few detailers have the experience we have when it comes to working with some of Beverly Hills most expensive vehicles. That experience means that we know where to wash and dry no matter if your car is a Bentley or a Bugatti. We know what cars require what care. We know what it takes to keep your vehicle in the greatest possible condition as possible.

3. We are equipped

Our vans are all equipped with on-board DI water (de-mineralized water that prevents contaminants from being washed into your paint), on-board power and chemicals that are tailored to our specification. Aside from the fact that we have been featured in magazines, websites and on TV – Artistic Automotive Detailing is also proud to serve some of Beverly Hills most prestigious clientele. We know the demands of our clients and know what equipment and materials are needed to set us apart.

4. We are trained

Our team is highly trained. Every employee has a background check performed and is trained to provide the utmost care for your cars. We have weekly meetings to ensure that no matter what van arrives to your place, the service is consistent.

5. We are Artistic

Our team shows up in grey shirts, black ties and black gloves. We’re the John Wick of Auto Detailing. We’re precise, we’re highly trained and efficient to the max. Our service is an art to us. We are Artistic Automotive Detailing. We are a necessity to a lifestyle.