A Manhattan man dropped his sparkling $347,000 Ferrari off at a Tribeca parking garage only to pick it up four hours later and find its door bashed in and side-view mirror missing.

The bill to repair the striking blue 458 Spider? $19,500.

“You’re driving a car five miles per hour in a garage, it’s almost impossible to do that unless you’re really, really careless. I have no idea what really happened,” said car owner Mark Rosen, 70, a legal executive recruiter.

Rosen is now suing City Parking LLC, which is on the ground floor of his 56 Leonard St. building, alleging it initially agreed to foot the bill for the damage, until they realized how much it would cost.

“ ‘This is the reason we don’t want cars like yours in the garage,’ ” a City Parking manager allegedly told Rosen as the incident unfolded.

“This is one of the most expensive, exclusive buildings in the city — what are people supposed to drive, Chevrolets?” Rosen fumed.

The damage caused the value of his 2015 Ferrari, which had just 7,000 miles on it, to plummet by $140,000, the suit claims. Rosen sold the repaired vehicle via a dealer, who gave Rosen a $207,000 credit for the car.

“The car was in mint condition” before, he said. “They smashed the entire side passenger door, ruined the door, and the entire passenger side mirror had to be replaced. … Any of these cars get into an accident, the value goes through the floor.”

The luxury car enthusiast has had four Ferraris and two Bentleys over the years. “This never should have happened,” he said.

City Parking did not return messages.


Taken from Foxnews.com


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